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Recap has simplified sharing your data with an accountant

Recap makes crypto record keeping and crypto tax a breeze - you connect your accounts, import CSVs, maybe do a little bit of tinkering to ensure the data is fully accurate then file your return.

But what happens when you need some advice from an accountant? Getting your data in front of them is a pain and going back and forth on questions can be a drag.

Introducing sharing 🚀

Our new sharing feature means that you can now directly share your Recap account with your accountant, tax advisor or wealth manager giving them instant access to your portfolio. They get a full view of all of your accounts, assets and transactions - everything they need to check and complete your crypto tax return.

How does it work?

  1. Generate an invitation code in Settings and send to your Accountant.
  2. They enter the code to request access to view your Recap account.
  3. You accept their request to grant them sharing permissions.

Is it secure?

Of course. Just like Recap, The Agent Portal is private by design.

Your accountant will need to sign up for their own Recap account and will have their own recovery phrase to prevent anyone else from accessing data shared with them. As always your shared data is fully end-to-end encrypted ensuring it remains private and secure.

The process of sharing includes a double-opt-in to ensure that you only ever share data with someone that you know and trust. This approach makes it very difficult to accidentally share your data with the wrong person or a malicious actor. For extra security invite codes are only valid for 7 days and sharing expires after 90 days by default. You can also revoke access to your account at any time.

Next steps

Like what you’ve read? Then tell your accountant about us! Log in to your account and head to settings to send an invite code, this guide will help them to get started.

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