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Recap automatically calculates your crypto taxes so you can generate an IRS compliant tax report in a click.

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Recap intuitively suggests any discrepancies and missing transactions within your data, making fixing issues simple.

  • Duplicate transactions are recognised and automatically ignored

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  • Editable pricing valuations

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Recap's fair market valuation methodology ensures accurate and auditable pricing for your assets

Our FMV method, powered by Coin Gecko, Kaiko and Oanda establishes the best valuation for your crypto assets.

Share data with your accountant without compromising privacy

Share your entire transaction history so your CPA can finalise your tax return without sending multiple CSVs back and forth.

  • no need to divulge crypto keys or private account and wallet information

  • only share the necessary information required for accurate tax calculations

  • 2 step verification process for extra security and you can revoke share at any time

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Read our US Crypto Tax Guide

A detailed insight into crypto tax verified by US crypto tax specialists


How is cryptocurrency taxed in the US?

Cryptocurrency gains and income earned by US taxpayers are subject to either income tax or capital gains tax, depending on the nature of your transactions.

What's a disposal?

A disposal is the relinquishing of ownership of an asset during a transaction. In the US, selling crypto for fiat, trading one cryptoasset for another cryptoasset, and spending crypto are examples of taxable disposals. Disposals can generate gains or losses.

What is an acquisition?

An acquisition is receiving of ownership of an asset during a transaction. For example, buying BTC is an acquisition, since you now own BTC.

How much tax do you pay on crypto in the US?

Normal US tax rates apply to cryptocurrency. For short-term capital gains and taxable income you’ll pay the ordinary income tax rate of up to 37%. For long-term capital gains you’ll pay the long-term capital gains rate of 0% to 20% depending on income.

Can the IRS track my crypto?

Crypto is pseudonymous but transactions are visible on the ledger so yes the IRS may be able to track and trace your activity.

Do exchanges report user information to the IRS?

Yes, many crypto exchanges send out a 1099 tax form - if you receive one, the IRS is also in the loop. Starting in the 2026 tax year both US centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges will report to the IRS using the new form 1099-DA (pending final regulations).

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