Crypto tax reports in an instant

Effortlessly track your assets all in one place and download your IRS tax report with a click.

Oh, did we mention it’s totally private?

Recap account page

Sounds great, does it support my wallets and exchanges?

Absolutely. Recap supports real-time connections to the world’s top wallets and exchanges with CSV support for anything else.

  • Support for all major wallets and exchanges

  • CSV support if your exchange is dead

  • Add transactions manually

  • FTX US, Coinbase, Kraken, Binance US, Uphold and many more

  • Private by design - all data encrypted by you and never seen by us or anyone else

Warning: tracking your portfolio is addictive AF

With Recap you can see the true value of your portfolio with account updates arriving in real-time.

  • See your crypto worth in dollars

  • Analyse your performance to plan ahead

  • Check your asset split

The crypto community loves Recap

We’re on a mission to make crypto taxes simple for our users without compromising their privacy. Check out the lovely things our users say about us…

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