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The perfect tool for accountants and tax professionals. We make calculating a crypto tax position for your clients a breeze and it's completley free.

Crypto tax reporting software for taxprofessionals

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How Recap benefits you

Recap is fast, simple & private. Your clients can connect their accounts, Recap automatically pulls in all of their transaction data so you can complete their tax return.

  • Securely see your client data
  • Provides calculations & full audit trail
  • Detailed CGT, income and disposals reports
  • Fair market valuation applied automatically for every transaction
  • Automatic section 104 pooling, same day and 30 day matching for all assets
“An essential tool that I strongly recommend to all my crypto clients. The reports provide all the info needed to record my client's gains and losses on their tax returns.”
Louise, Tax Specialist

How it works


Read our UK Crypto Tax Guide

A comprehensive guide collating HMRC guidance of crypto taxation, written by UK accountants.

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