You encrypt your data, not us

All of the data you add to Recap is encrypted and only you hold the keys to decrypt it. We can’t see your data, so we can’t use it, share it, or sell it, which protects you from breaches and other threats.

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Other companies aren't telling you the whole truth

No matter how well they describe their security and talk about privacy, they have full access your data. No one at Recap can access your data, ever, because of how we built the platform.

  • Claim - “All your data is encrypted”

    Encrypted by them, with their keys before they store it in their database. Which means they can decrypt it and see everything, otherwise they wouldn't be able to show you your data!

  • Claim - “Our employees must go through a background check”

    I'd hope so, since they can collude to access your data. It only takes some social engineering, a bribe, or a mistake, and employees become a leaky faucet of your sensitive financial data.

  • Claim - “We will never sell your cryptocurrency data to third parties”

    That is, until someone offers them enough money, or until they get bought out. Best to assume that if they can sell it, they will.

Crypto is a risky business

Cryptocurrency is a transformative technology, but it introduces new risks and attack vectors.

  • Irreversible transactions

    Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be undone. If anyone were to compromise your security, you can say bye-bye to your assets.

  • Public ledger

    If any of your addresses or transactions are tied to your identity, chain analysis software can pull the thread and reveal your assets. If the good guys can do it, so can the bad guys.

  • Five dollar wrench

    As soon as a wannabe attacker ties you and your assets together, it only takes them a five dollar wrench to force you to send your precious coins to them.

  • Privacy is security

    If no one knows you have it, no one can steal it. Don't leave cryptocurrency breadcrumbs like using centralised software where admins can snoop on your portfolio.

How does Recap protect me?

We've designed Recap from the ground up to keep your financial data private and to keep you in control.

  • Client-side encryption

    Your sensitive financial data is encrypted with your personal recovery phrase before it leaves your device. You maintain complete control - no one but you can decrypt and view your data.

  • Direct connections to exchanges

    We're not a man-in-the-middle so we can't snoop or log your data. On the web, our browser extension connects the app running in your browser directly to your exchanges and services.

  • Private data sharing

    You can send us snippets of your sensitive data when things go wrong so we can give you technical assistance. We never see the whole picture and you're always in control.

  • Secure infrastructure

    We use industry standard best practices for infrastructure and hosting, from using the latest HTTPS standards, employing robust networking rules, and enforcing access control policies for employees.

Your recovery phrase protects your crypto data everywhere

Every bit of data in Recap is encrypted with your personal recovery phrase (using AES-128-GCM for you techies). Only you will ever be able to see your transactions, portfolio value or tax reports.

Our browser extension protects your exchange data in transit

Your browser connects directly to your exchanges, so we don't even get a chance to log it or snoop on it. Our nosey employees aren't happy, but you will be.

Keep it secret, keep it safe!

We believe privacy is security and that if no one knows you have it, no one can steal it.

We never see your transactions, your portfolio, or your tax position since it's all encrypted by you. If we can't see it, neither can anyone else, so you're protected from breaches and other threats.

Ultimately we believe that your data belongs to you and we don’t need or want to know about it. We make sure no one else can either.

Keep it secret, keep it safe!

In-transit data security with our browser extension

Compatible with Brave and Chrome, our extension ensures that we're not a man-in-the-middle when Recap imports your transactions from exchanges. Our servers never proxy your exchange data.

Frequently asked questions

How does this actually work?
When you sign up, your device will generate a unique random key that is used to encrypt your data. We'll show you a recovery phrase which you'll need record and keep safe for when you change device or clear your browser storage.
What if I lose my recovery phrase?
If you're logged in to Recap you can view your recovery phrase in settings - make sure your record it somewhere safe! If you're not logged, unfortunately you will not be able decrypt your data. You'll need to reset your account and import your data from scratch.
Why do I need to install a browser extension?
The Recap extension acts as a secure channel to allow your browser to talk to the exchanges. Importantly this is still running on your device and not on Recap's servers, so we can't intercept and read your data.
Why should I trust you?
You shouldn't trust us absolutely. The difference vs. other companies is that you only have to trust that our software does what we say, which can be independently verified by a developer. You don't need to trust that we'll keep your data safe from threats on our servers because we don't have it.

Don't trade security for convenience.
Have both with Recap.

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