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Recap brings all your assets together into one, easy to manage place like never before.

We maintain complete financial privacy with end-to-end encryption while automatically tracking and intelligently analysing each transaction to offer in-depth reports to help your portfolio thrive.

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A complete overview

See every exchange, trade and transaction in one place, getting a clear picture of what your cryptocurrency is doing.

Account analysis

Understand your accounts like never before, with unrivalled insight into your assets’ history and their future opportunities

Tax tackled

We’ll even use your portfolio data to provide you with an accurate tax return, taking the hassle out of the finest details of your financial management.

You take care of the trading, we’ll take care of rest.

Unravel your cryptocurrency history with a single real-time view of your entire portfolio.


Real-time data

See your entire portfolio in one place at one time, helping you make smarter decisions when they need to be made.



Your personal information is completely secure thanks to the latest encryptions. Even we can’t see it.



Data, transactions, exchanges and taxes are all analysed, offering you comprehensive reports on everything you need to know.

Privacy focused accounting software for cryptocurrency

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