An Unforgettable Experience: Attending Zebu Live 2023

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As London’s leading event for the Web3 community, Zebu Live is an experience like no other! The event is created by Flight3 - a digital marketing agency providing services for blockchain, NFT, and Web3 projects. Where, the previous Zebu Live focussed on DeFi, this year’s event showcased the future of Web3 and brought together the biggest names, top projects and tech breakthroughs for talks, panels, workshops and networking.

Zebu Live 2023 speakers: Steven Bartlett, Raoul Pal, Mo Gawdat, Dr Lisa Cameron, Farokh Sarmad

With names like Steven Bartlett, Raoul Pal, Mo Gawdat, Dr Lisa Cameron MP and Farokh Sarmad behind the mic, as well as many others, there’s no surprise that it drew in a huge audience from across the globe.

As first timers at the event and a panel spot in “Crypto taxes: What you need to know as investors” on the Alpha stage, we were really excited to explore, meet some cool people in the community and get [Recap’s]( name out there. In this blog post, we’ve pulled together our thoughts about the 2-day event.

Zebu Live - a quick overview for anyone who missed it!

  • Networking with coffees and beers in a very sunny, (for October), courtyard in the centre of Woolwich
  • Loads of well known speakers and pioneers of the web3 space covering a broad range of topics in large talks and panels as well as more intimate workshops
  • A Degens’ Den Pitch for entrepreneurs kicking off new projects and looking for funding or advice
  • An exhibition space filled with top industry names who brought along stash, sweets and a variety of experiences to immerse yourself in, everything from the Metaverse to classic ping pong

Networking at Zebu Live

Zebu was a really great place to network because of its relaxed atmosphere and friendly vibe. No matter where you fit within the space, there was great conversation to be had with loads of interesting people, whether you met at a stand, in the coffee queue or waiting for a speaker.

Talks, panels and workshops at Zebu

It’s clear to see why Zebu Live is London’s leading event for the Web3 community, when you look at the range of talks, panels and workshops on the agenda! That’s before even considering the list of speakers - they certainly have all corners of the industry covered, and more!

A big highlight for Recap was Dan taking the stage for the panel “Crypto taxes: What you need to know as investors”, alongside Jamie Nuttall, Myna Louise Lane, Wright Vigar, Ben Lee, Andersen and hosted by Jolyon. Tax is never top priority, particularly in this market, so we were pleasantly surprised at the number of attendees. It was also great to see a full room for the “Deciphering crypto regulations” panel later on.

Crypto taxes: What you need to know as investors

Host: Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Flight 3. Speakers: Daniel Howitt, Recap; Jamie Nutall, Myna; Louise Lane, Wright Vigar; Ben Lee, Andersen.

Apart from a couple of self confessed tax geeks, no-one enjoys tax, so we tried to keep our discussion light, fun and informative.

We ran through the basics of how crypto tax works, delving deeper into NFT and DeFi taxes, explaining beneficial ownership and touching on the work we are doing with CryptoUK and HMRC to change and simplify DeFi taxation.

Because of current market conditions and the storm of the last year, much of the discussion centred around losses, with tips for investors on how to navigate the bear market in terms of tax. We explained negligible value claims, crystallising losses, offsetting gains and hopefully much of the audience left the room thinking about tax planning.

Head to YouTube to watch Crypto Taxes: What you need to know as investors.

Key note speech by Dr Lisa Cameron MP

Dr. Lisa Cameron delivered an insightful key note, unveiling the strategies fuelling the UK Government’s vision of transforming the nation into an unparalleled global crypto hub.

Deciphering crypto regulations in the UK and globally

Host: Andrew Horbury, Cavenwell Group. Speakers: Katie Harries, Coinbase; James Burnie, Gunnercooke; Roshi Sharma, LawBeam; Sophie Bowler, Zodia Custody.

The speakers unravelled the complexities of crypto regulation from UK and global perspectives, explaining how new regimes will impact crypto firms and the potential challenges.


Since we got back from Zebu, we've been sharing our reflections with the rest of the team and continuing conversations with everyone we met at the event, and of course planning for next year! Will we see you there?

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