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We use zero-knowledge encryption to keep your data locked down, so you never have to share it with us. This means your data is encrypted client-side using your personal encryption key. We have no knowledge of it, not us, not our staff, not our suppliers. How?…
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use cryptocurrency losses to offset taxable gains?
There are a few ways in which crypto losses can be used to reduce taxable capital gains, including tax-loss harvesting, offsetting income and trading fees. In order to see if you can claim a loss on your taxes for cryptocurrency you sold, there are a few steps you need to go… Read more...
Which cost basis method should I use to calculate cryptocurrency taxes?
Choosing which system you should use when calculating the cost basis for your cryptocurrencies can be extremely confusing. There are many options that are allowed by the IRS, including: FIFO - First In, First Out - when calculating your potential taxes that you would look at the… Read more...
How should I keep track of my crypto trades for tax purposes?
One of the most important things to do in the crypto space is to keep records of all of your trades and activity. There have been numerous exchange hacks and shutdowns where users have been unable to access their trade history, causing havoc when they try and calculate their… Read more...
How should I answer "The Cryptocurrency Question" the IRS added to Schedule 1?
Cryptocurrency taxation is a new thing. There is lots of opinion on it and lots of speculation around it and whether or not the IRS actually know about your crypto activity. Whether you agree or disagree with tax on crypto you need to answer this new question truthfully. So "At… Read more...
How do forks impact cryptocurrency tax in the UK?
Some cryptoassets operate by consensus amongst that cryptoasset’s community. When a significant part of the community want to do something different they may create a ‘fork’ in the blockchain . There are two types of forks, a soft fork and a hard fork. A soft fork updates the… Read more...
How do I report losses on cryptocurrency investments to HMRC?
Individuals who purchase cryptocurrencies that then proceed to fall in value and then they realise those losses may have capital losses that can be claimed with HMRC. All capital losses should be reported, as it is the only way they can be ‘claimed’ to use against future gains… Read more...
How much cryptocurrency tax do I owe?
Calculating the amount of cryptocurrency capital gains tax you owe can be a very complex process. It involves evaluating not only all transactions made in the tax year you are calculating for, but also all previous transactions as you need to establish the cost basis you have for… Read more...
Which taxes apply to cryptocurrencies in the UK?
The main taxes that apply to cryptocurrency gains or losses in the UK are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Income Tax. For the large majority of cryptocurrency users, CGT is the applicable tax. Anyone who holds cryptoassets needs to consider if they are engaged in financial trading in… Read more...
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