Unlock the power of your NFT collection with Recap's NFT gallery!

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Sam Adams
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Samantha Adams
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Our new NFT Gallery bridges the gap between NFTs and taxes allowing investors and collectors to see the one view of their crypto portfolio and their true crypto net-worth. NFTs often get left behind when it comes to taxes but knowing the true value of a collection allows investors to unify their NFTs and taxes to make truly informed decisions and maximise their gains.

Our new NFT Gallery allows investors to see all of their NFTs in one place, including accurate appraisals. Our AI appraisal (provided by Upshot) provides you with an insightful estimate of your NFTs current value, so that you can keep track of your collection's true worth.

Screenshot of Recap NFT gallery with tax gain/loss toggled

You can also switch between two pricing views - Native PnL and Tax Gain/Loss. In Native Mode you can see how much your NFT is worth and has increased/decreased in value in Ethereum and in Tax Mode, you can view the fiat valuation and understand your tax position more clearly.

Inside the NFT Gallery you can view static and video NFTs with an infinite scroll for quick and easy navigation, even for the ultimate degen with thousands of NFTs! Handy filters allow you to sort by value, highest/lowest gain, account and collection.

Screenshot of Recap dashboard with NFT gallery

It goes without saying, this information is also integrated within the dashboard so your crypto net worth now includes your NFTs and you can discover your exit position after tax should you liquidate your entire portfolio.

Recap's NFT Gallery is the ultimate experience for NFT creators and collectors and the first of its kind to unite cryptoassets and non-fungible tokens! The single view of all your NFTs, support for multiple chains, and AI-driven appraisals and tax information make it a valuable addition to any crypto management software. You can make better informed decisions on whether to hold, sell, or trade. Give it a try and let us know what you think!