Manage all your assets in our private crypto portfolio tracker

Connect your accounts and wallets to track your whole portfolio - crypto, DeFi and NFTs for free using Recap’s crypto portfolio tracker!

  • Track your crypto investments in real-time

  • See how your assets are performing across your entire portfolio

  • Preview your gains for free and download your tax reports in a click

Track your whole crypto portfolio in one place
Track your whole crypto portfolio in one place
View all your crypto assets and NFTs and understand the value of your entire digital asset investments
Never miss a moment with near-real time data sync
Never miss a moment with near-real time data sync
Connect as many accounts as you like, for free and watch your portfolio update every 30 seconds
Absolute secrecy through end-to-end encryption
Absolute secrecy through end-to-end encryption
Your data is 100% private and only accessible by you

Track all your assets and watch your crypto portfolio grow

With Recap’s crypto tracker, your investments are at your fingertips in real time so you always know how much your assets are worth and can stay ahead of market changes.

  • View the true value of your entire portfolio

  • Understand the impact of every transaction with a detailed breakdown

  • Effortlessly track how well your assets are performing

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Gain insights on your crypto assets like never before

Our portfolio tracker provides a comprehensive overview of each asset within your holdings whether your a traditional Bitcoiner, Degen or NFT collector.

  • View all your assets across all accounts

  • Explore your asset distribution

  • Accurate valuations from the best pricing providers

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Optimise your portfolio and crypto taxes at the same time

Recap provides a comprehensive view of realised and unrealised gains and losses - crucial for making informed decisions about when to buy, sell, or hold assets in your portfolio.

  • Understand your real time tax liability

  • Leverage insights into your portfolio to strategically sell assets

  • Identify opportunities to optimise your tax situation and lower your tax bill

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What is a crypto portfolio tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is a tool that crypto investors can use to track all their connected accounts and wallets with real-time valuations of their assets, providing a comprehensive view of their gains and losses.

Do crypto trackers help with tax reporting?

Crypto trackers can help with tax reporting as they consolidate your entire crypto portfolio streamlining record-keeping processes. Recap not only tracks your crypto activity but also automates tax calculations.

Can Recap be used to track traditional assets alongside crypto?

Certainly! Recap's custom account feature and CSV upload functionality enable users to effectively track traditional assets alongside their cryptocurrency holdings.

Do I need to pay for a crypto portfolio tracker?

Not at all! Recap allows you to effortlessly monitor your whole crypto portfolio for free.

Calculate taxes across your whole crypto portfolio with Recap