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Today we are happy to release Recap 2.0, which is the culmination of months of hard work, incorporating feedback from hundreds of users.

We've given this release the nickname 'Strong Foundations' since we're solving some of the most challenging problems in the portfolio tracking and tax space, which sets the groundwork for us to continue to build the most compelling solution in the industry.

What's New?

Asset Identification

Identifying assets sounds straightforward, but it's far from it. There are hundreds of exchanges, and thousands of assets. The codes used to refer to assets vary between exchanges and over time as projects progress or split.

We previously dealt with differences in an ad-hoc way and leaned on our excellent pricing provider CryptoCompare, but there are also differences between the codes used between pricing providers. Occasionally users would have pricing for the wrong asset, and there was nothing that could be done without releasing a new version!

Therefore we have manually curated our own asset reference data, consisting of over 2,500 assets, and built up comprehensive mappings of each of our supported connected exchanges.

Users can now identify assets manually where a code is unknown or ambiguous, and that asset will never be at risk of changing even when we alter our reference data.

We'll be adding new assets regularly and updating existing ones to improve accuracy. If there are any assets missing for your use case, please let us know.

New Account Details Page

We have completely redesigned the account page with a fresher look. The account dashboard now has a cleaner value chart, the balance list has been redesigned including icons for all assets, and we now show the change in value over a configurable period so you can see how your assets have performed (this is a sneak peak into some of the portfolio features we'll be adding)

We've also added a tab for Settings where you can identify your assets. We'll be adding more to these tabs soon.

New Activity Page

We have also completely redesigned the activity page. We make better use of space by using a multi-column layout, much like an email inbox. We've moved to a simpler 'Outgoing' and 'Incoming' approach and removed 'Unknown' entries to make things much clearer.

Transaction details are now also tabbed, allowing you to see the transaction information alongside our internal ledger and the source data for the transaction, giving power users extra information for solving issues. Again, we'll be adding more tabs soon.

UI Refresh

We have given Recap a fresh look in most areas. Assets now all show logos to give Recap a bit of colour and make things more obvious at a glance. The sidebar has been improved, and some UI components has been refreshed.

Pricing, Tax Improvements and Other Fixes

We've completely overhauled our asset valuation implementation. We now store prices permanently in your data set, so there's no risk of them changing should our providers alter their methodology or add new data. You'll be able to optionally refresh prices in a future update.

Our tax implementation has also been significantly improved. Tax calculations are now performed much faster, and we use more decimal places for prices to make sure low price/high circulation assets are more accurately valued.

Finally, there are dozens of minor fixes throughout the app.

What's Coming Next?

Manual Prices

We'll be adding the ability to manually set prices/valuations for assets soon. This is a workaround when we can't find a price for an asset, or where you don't agree with the price we've found.

Nomics Prices

We're planning on adding Nomics price data as an optional alternative to our existing integration with CryptoCompare. Nomics offer 'transparent crypto data', and their pricing data is very high quality. We'll also be adding more options for pricing in addition to our daily pricing, such as per hour/minute.

New Exchanges

We are working on more exchange integrations and partnerships, so watch this space.


Building on these foundations, we'll be building a comprehensive data import solution that will include CSV formats from all major exchanges and wallets. No more editing CSVs in spreadsheets!

There's lots more we have planned, including wallet support, portfolio features, and improved tax reporting.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoy Recap 2.0. There will inevitably be issues for a few users, so please get in touch with us on support if you have any problems. Also, let us know what you think of the changes, and as always, we're excited to hear your ideas for the future.