Launching Recap 1.11

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What a strange year it's been. However, crypto doesn't stop and neither do we.

In this release we have added three major new features and a couple of other changes.

Binance US and Bitpanda Pro support

We've also updated the Brave/Chrome extension, so you may be prompted to accept new permissions. Since the Recap app connects directly to your exchanges, it requires permission to talk to new exchange APIs as we add support for them.

Manual transactions for any account

You can now add manual transactions to any account. Prior to this you could only add manual transactions to a Custom Account, but you can now add them to Connected Accounts too.

The primary use case for this is to add missing data to the account. Some exchanges (I'm looking at you Binance) don't expose all of your account transactions via their API which means your balance in Recap might not be correct and you'll be missing some transactions that might be relevant for tax. Now you can manually add transactions to represent these missing transactions.

You can filter these transactions with the new 'Manually Entered' filter in activity, which will show all manually added transactions for both Connected and Custom Accounts. You can then further filter by account to show just transactions for a specific account or set of accounts.

Missing exchange data

There are a two exchanges that we support that don't expose all of your transactions via their API - Binance (and their US/JE versions) and Bittrex.


Binance doesn't expose direct or third party crypto buys via their API. They also don't expose referral data. You can find out how to manage these in our Binance Guide.

Binance US and Binance JE

Binance US and Binance JE do not report fiat (USD/GBP) deposits and withdrawals via their API. You can now add these transactions manually directly to the account.


Bittrex don't expose data for some historical pairs via their API. You can ask their support team for an export of historical data which you can then upload into Recap directly. Find out more in our Bittrex Guide.

Other changes

  • Binance exchange accounts will no longer fetch trades for all 1000+ markets unless your balances have changed. Woo!
  • Updated Bittrex historical CSV upload to support the latest version of the support export.
  • Fixed Bitfinex issues with token distributions, airdrops, token redemptions, staking rewards and trade fee currency codes.