Recap partners with Kaiko for industry-leading cryptoasset valuations

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Dan Howitt
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Recap is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Kaiko as our new primary valuation service provider for all digital assets. This collaboration will integrate Kaiko's innovative and robust crypto pricing data into Recap's tax and accounting software solutions.

Determining fair market values for cryptoassets has been an ongoing challenge for the industry due to market fragmentation, volatility, exchange rate discrepancies, and 24/7 trading cycles.

Kaiko's cutting-edge valuation methodology addresses these complexities head-on, with outlier detection and valuations derived from volume-weighted average prices.

Kaiko greatly enhances our offering with robust crypto valuations that accurately mirror market liquidity. Their service offers thorough audits and in-depth traces, clearly explaining the processes used to derive these valuations.

Dan Howitt
Dan HowittCEO at Recap

After extensively testing Kaiko's feature set within its US product last year, Recap will integrate Kaiko's trusted and regulated valuation services to power its UK offering from 6th April 2024. This allows Recap to deliver an unparalleled experience for its UK customers requiring accurate digital asset pricing for tax, accounting and compliance purposes.

Through this partnership, Recap now provides institutional-grade fair market valuation data backed by Kaiko within its tax and accounting platform globally. Clients can seamlessly look up any digital asset and retrieve its defensible fair market value along with a transparent audit trail used to determine the price.