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Dan Howitt
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Recap is very excited to announce a partnership with leading cryptocurrency exchange Luno, which is part of Digital Currency Group.

Calculating your crypto taxes can be an incredibly tedious task, and with this partnership, it has just become a whole lot easier. Recap is now fully-integrated with Luno, which means the exchange’s users can make a deposit, withdrawal or trade and see each transaction immediately reflected in their Recap account for seamless and automated tax accounting.

What makes this partnership truly exciting is that with Luno's BTC savings wallet feature, investors can earn a targeted 4% interest rate on Bitcoin (risks associated). This effectively means Bitcoin can be earned as a passive income while you sleep. Our partnership with Luno means users of its services earning in this way can now combine this with the benefits of Recap, putting their tax accounting into autopilot.

Recap’s automated account tracking, combined with its tax calculation capabilities and a user-controlled encryption feature mean Luno customers will have even more reason to feel at ease. With a market as fast moving as cryptocurrency, it pays to have confidence in those providing a complementary service. This partnership signals the clear choice to make when you want Bitcoin to work for you.

We’re especially pleased to be working with Luno due to their responsible approach to customer service and ease of use. With easy integration and a painless off-ramp if users move on, they compare incredibly well in an industry stacked with so much choice.

Luno’s Country Manager for the UK, Sam Kopelman adds:

Luno is very excited to be working with, giving millions of customers a seamless experience for tax compliance. We love the product which Recap has already built and are looking forward to deeper integration, removing all the headache and ambiguity associated with crypto tax compliance.