Launching our New UK Dashboard!

We’re really excited to announce the new Recap dashboard which allows UK investors to proactively manage their crypto assets and tax affairs in unison.

Samantha Adams

Samantha Adams

Mon Jan 23 2023

Recap already solves the crypto tax filing nightmare with automated portfolio tracking, tax calculations and HMRC compliant tax reports. Users can file their tax return without the headache of understanding complexities around taxation.

We help users with crypto tax compliance, now our new dashboard also solves the tax optimisation part of the puzzle because let’s face it - who actually thinks about the tax implications when making a trade? Tax is an after thought, in-fact most individuals don’t realise their crypto tax liability until it’s too late to do anything about it.

The new dashboard gives you visibility of 3 key figures…


1️⃣ Your crypto net worth!💰

Discover your true worth and exit position after tax.

2️⃣ Your current gain and tax liability for the active tax year!

Understand your current tax position throughout the year and make the most of your allowances before the tax year ends.

3️⃣ Your finalised crypto tax estimate for the closed, filing tax year

Find out if you need to file and an estimate of how much you need to pay based on your income.

Enabling tax planning and wealth management for all crypto investors

Everyone dreads tax season; either you know how much you owe but are worrying about paying, or you left your tax return to the last minute and there’s a shock imminent, followed by worrying about paying.

With the new dashboard you get insight on your current asset worth alongside your tax liability, meaning that you can proactively manage and influence your taxes for the active tax year before it comes to an end.

“Recap helps investors navigate the confusion - helping investors to understand, plan and proactively manage their digital wealth. With this in mind, our dashboard brings the figures you need to know about to the forefront, making cryptocurrency tax simple and self-explanatory. With a keen eye on the bigger picture, investors can look to reduce their tax payout, tactfully disposing of depleting assets to lower the tax figure. With greater autonomy and understanding, future planning and investments are better informed and the dream of six figure assets is a little more attainable.” Daniel Howitt Recap CEO

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