Your security is our priority

Your financial data is just that – yours. Take a look at how we ensure your privacy can never be compromised.


Our key security measures

Your security and privacy is paramount to us. We take every measure to ensure that your personal financial data can never be compromised.


End-to-end encryption

Every bit of your data is secured with AES-256-GCM encryption, with keys generated using cryptographically secure random number generators. Only you can decrypt it.


No API keys disclosed

Your exchange API keys never get sent to us. Only you can connect to your exchanges and services. No-one else. Not even us.


Discreet data

We can only see the total amount of transactions you have made, not the details of them. They’re for you and you alone to know.


On-site security

Our applications run entirely through encrypted protocols (HTTPS/TLS 1.2). All the doors are locked and no-one’s getting in.


Passwords with character

When you set your password, we jumble it into a nonsensical mix of characters on our system (bcrypt with 12 rounds). We never see the original version.


In case of emergency

In the highly unlikely event that hackers got in, your information would be totally encrypted in ways they couldn’t unlock. Your data stays safe and they leave empty handed.

Privacy focused accounting software for cryptocurrency

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