Release Notes


February 19th 2024

No user facing changes


February 15th 2024

  • FixedCoinbase - Added support for incentive clawback transactions
  • FixedCoinbase - Added support for subscription transactions


February 12th 2024

  • AddedUpdated assets
  • FixedCoinbase - Added support for new resource 'phone' used for vaults and external transfers


February 6th 2024

  • FixedIgnore HMRC same-day and 30-day matching for NFTs


January 31st 2024

  • FixedCoinbase duplicate trade fee


January 30th 2024

  • FixedCoinbase - add support for new staking transfers, wrapping, and earn payout transactions
  • FixedCoinbase Pro - prevent duplicate withdrawal fee disposals for Coinbase Pro withdrawals via Coinbase
  • FixedBnkToTheFuture - pitch investments made in crypto are now supported


January 29th 2024

  • AddedNew assets


January 28th 2024

  • AddedBinance auto invest transactions are now tracked
  • AddedNew assets


January 27th 2024

  • FixedPrices continually loading for some users


January 24th 2024

  • AddedBnk To The Future API integration
  • FixedBinance fiat sells to fiat issue
  • FixedAccountant billing payment issue
  • FixedSharing capabilities are now setup on agent profile setup
  • AddedSupport for asset conversion for Kraken Futures
  • AddedCelsius - Added support for CSV export
  • AddedIRS 2023 Tax Forms


January 15th 2024

  • AddedImproved agent onboarding


January 12th 2024

  • AddedUpdate sharing and accountant billing
  • AddedSupport of Coinbase Pro account CSV export


January 8th 2024

  • FixedCoinbase - Added support for CBETH wrapping and unwrapping
  • FixedMoved asset select to avoid hiding search input


January 3rd 2024

  • AddedNew 'Manually Edited' filter for finding Exchange API and Wallet transactions with comments or other changes
  • FixedReclassified filter no longer includes transactions where the reclassification has been undone
  • FixedIncorrect transaction counts displayed on account cards


January 2nd 2024

  • FixedZero value sometimes being shown on account page
  • FixedRare startup error


December 28th 2023

  • FixedAdd support for fiat orders


December 22nd 2023

  • AddedNew assets
  • FixedNFTs not being appraised
  • FixedNexo CSV importer after Nexo changed their CSV format


December 20th 2023

  • FixedInvalid Coinbase fiat deposit
  • FixedAdd support for Kucoin 'Covert', 'Profits' and 'Stake' ledger types


December 8th 2023

  • AddedNew 'Override taxable start date' account setting
  • FixedSome Ethereum wallets failing to sync


November 30th 2023

No user facing changes


November 29th 2023

  • AddedNew 'Share data with support team' feature
  • AddedNew support tab in settings
  • FixedSupport new Kucoin KCS trade fee ledger types
  • FixedSupport new Kucoin income ledger type


November 16th 2023

  • ChangedDesktop app should now upgrade to Apple Silicon build where available
  • FixedSome dialogs couldn't be closed on desktop


November 15th 2023

  • FixedSupport BnkToTheFuture StakingFee transaction type


November 14th 2023

  • FixedKraken balance discrepancies for staked assets
  • FixedFiat-settled margin and derivatives amounts missing from the IRS tax totals


November 14th 2023

  • FixedKraken API connection failure for customers with PDF reports
  • FixedSome Kraken trades not being assigned the correct asset code
  • FixedCoinbase fiat deposit validation error


November 10th 2023

  • FixedCoinbase API returning new paginated response
  • FixedSupport new Kucoin ledger types


November 8th 2023

  • AddedAccountant shares now allow editing
  • ChangedUpdated sharing invite process
  • ChangedMore relevant error messages are shown when a share cannot be opened
  • FixedKucoin failing to sync due to request timeout change


November 8th 2023

  • ChangedClient shares now require an active subscription
  • ChangedIncreased custom account csv file size limit to 100MB


October 23rd 2023

  • AddedGemini Earn and Staking support
  • AddedNew assets and exchange mappings
  • FixedUphold exchange reported balances


October 14th 2023

  • FixedUphold range errors when fetching transactions and balances


October 10th 2023

  • FixedUphold fetch all balances of each asset
  • FixedViewing some client portfolios would not show tax reports
  • FixedGemini pending transfers are now updated to completed


October 4th 2023

  • FixedError loading dashboard


October 2nd 2023

  • FixedBinance Withdrawals dates are now parsed as UTC
  • FixedCustomers can now renew cancelled subscriptions from the settings screen


September 22nd 2023

  • FixedIncorrect Polygon MATIC balance
  • AddedPolygon Plasma Deposit events are now being handled


September 15th 2023

  • AddedPolygon wallet support
  • AddedWealth99 API integration
  • AddedBnkToTheFuture file-based integration
  • AddedAdded CoinGecko as an alternative fallback pricing mechanism
  • AddedTrades can now be aggregated by minute to reduce the number of transactions


September 8th 2023

  • AddedCoinpass API integration


September 6th 2023

  • AddedRecap Desktop now supports Linux via AppImage packaging


September 6th 2023

  • FixedLuno negative amounts issue
  • FixedBitfinex delisting adjustment issue
  • FixedKraken futures will not completely fail on conversion transactions
  • FixedLuno integration balances issue


August 30th 2023

  • ChangedAggregate trades is now enabled by default for new accounts
  • FixedBitfinex sync errors
  • FixedBONK pricing being incorrect
  • FixedUse aggregated transaction count for plan limits


August 25th 2023

No user facing changes


August 25th 2023

No user facing changes


August 25th 2023

No user facing changes


August 24th 2023

  • FixedFixed rare assertion issue on startup


August 23rd 2023

  • ChangedImproved performance throughout the app, especially when updating data
  • FixedNFT images should now load correctly
  • FixedGemini - pending transfers are now ignored
  • FixedRare issue when upgrading to new version


August 1st 2023

  • FixedBlockchain transfers between accounts sometimes being incorrectly identified


July 7th 2023

  • FixedBitMex - now pulls all asset balances
  • - removed duplicate recurring buy orders
  • FixedCoinbase Pro - fixed rebate missing details


June 20th 2023

  • FixedMissing horizontal scrollbar when using small screen sizes


June 19th 2023

  • ChangedActivity details now shows the names of several well known protocol contract and router addresses
  • ChangedImproved performance of new wallet syncing
  • FixedFailing to load wallet transactions with very high numbers of events


May 26th 2023

  • ChangedIRS 8949 form maximum page count set to 100
  • FixedImproved blockchain transaction syncing speed and resilience against missing transactions in rare circumstances
  • FixedFailure to start the desktop app


May 10th 2023

  • AddedNew onboarding wizard and improved startup screens


May 4th 2023

No user facing changes


May 2nd 2023

  • AddedUphold staking classifications
  • FixedKraken Ethereum staking adjustments are now reconciled correctly


April 29th 2023

  • FixedBinance asset dividends endpoint failing due to new query limits


April 26th 2023

  • AddedAdd ability to archive and ignore accounts
  • FixedStop incorrect deposit and withdrawal contract events being parsed


April 26th 2023

  • AddedIntroduced new Recap Fair Market Valuation methodology in partnership with Kaiko


April 13th 2023

  • ChangedSignificantly improved initial wallet syncing performance


April 12th 2023

  • FixedCorrected UK tax estimation with 2023/2024 capital allowance


April 10th 2023

  • FixedBinance US deposits and withdrawals are now recognised correctly


April 6th 2023

  • FixedLuno zero based fees are being recognised and treated correctly


April 2nd 2023

  • ChangedImproved live prices fetching with a new fallback service


March 31st 2023

  • AddedAdded ability to specify tax treatment of airdrops
  • FixedUniswap Liquidity Decrease transactions are now being recognised correctly after an account transaction update
  • FixedFixed Ethereum wallet syncing with pre-Byzantium fork transactions (before October 2017)


March 24th 2023

  • AddedAdded wallet address/API key to account details page
  • FixedChain asset identification icon now shows correctly


March 17th 2023

  • AddedAdded NFT gallery including appraisals, native PnL and tax gain/loss
  • AddedAdded top NFTs to dashboard
  • AddedIncluded NFT appraisals in crypto net worth figure
  • ChangedImproved initial wallet update
  • FixedFixed out of range fraction digits error


March 13th 2023

  • FixedFixed rare transaction ordering issue


March 13th 2023

  • AddedNew assets
  • AddedAdded support for token mints


March 7th 2023

  • FixedBinance US now fetches OTC/OCBS orders
  • FixedLuno fees with commas are now parsed correctly


March 2nd 2023

  • ChangedAccount updates are now queued on startup
  • ChangedImproved account card display and added update button
  • FixedIncreased wallet account transaction limit


February 24th 2023

No user facing changes


February 22nd 2023

  • FixedFixed Binance US failing to update


February 21st 2023

  • AddedNew assets
  • FixedFixed Kucoin legacy withdrawal validation error
  • FixedAdded support for Gemini credit card cashback
  • FixedFixed Coinbase card spend validation error
  • FixedFixed IRS PDF errors with unsupported unicode characters


February 14th 2023

  • ChangedRebranded Binance Smart Chain to BNB Smart Chain
  • FixedBinance staking reward duplicates
  • FixedPrevent opening expired share
  • FixedKraken multiple-ledger withdrawals


February 9th 2023

  • AddedAdded 2022 IRS forms
  • FixedFixed HMRC company income report dates
  • FixedUphold - additional categorisation for purchases
  • FixedUphold - use amount exclusive of fees for trades


February 2nd 2023

  • FixedFixed bug with Custom Deposits and Withdrawals when specifying different currencies
  • FixedUphold - Fixed purchase and airdrop categorisation
  • FixedFixed balance change account names in transaction details screen
  • FixedFixed blockchain related inter-wallet account transfers showing incorrect assets and amounts
  • FixedFixed tax estimate calculation for incomes under personal allowance


January 31st 2023

  • ChangedIncreased wallet account transaction limit
  • FixedCoinbase - map card buyback transaction types


January 30th 2023

  • FixedCoinbase - Fix card spend issues with fiat currencies
  • FixedImprove price outlier detection


January 28th 2023

  • FixedBinance - remove fiat buy duplicates
  • FixedBinance - now accept Apple Pay fiat payments


January 27th 2023

  • AddedAdded more common Binance Smart Chain tokens
  • FixedBinance fiat buys now generate the correct balance changes


January 27th 2023

  • AddedNew Binance Smart Chain wallet type


January 26th 2023

No user facing changes


January 25th 2023

  • FixedFixed an issue with plans where free users were able to use paid features


January 24th 2023

  • FixedBinance - Fetch BUSD convert transactions
  • FixedCoinbase - make payment method name optional for transactions


January 23rd 2023

  • AddedAdded a new dashboard feature for HMRC taxpayers


January 18th 2023

  • FixedFixed incorrect logos for some assets


January 18th 2023

  • AddedNew assets


January 11th 2023

No user facing changes


January 11th 2023

  • FixedBitfinex - deposit fees are now accounted for
  • FixedNexo CSV importer - now accept multiple date formats


January 6th 2023

  • FixedKraken - show balances on first time load of the account
  • FixedLUNA and LUNC - data adjustments to fix various issues with the assets
  • FixedBitfinex balances are now accurately reported
  • FixedFixed some assets showing zero value on charts
  • FixedCoinbase CSV importer now supports new column names


December 31st 2022

  • AddedNew assets


December 30th 2022

  • ChangedDisabled FTX and FTXUS exchange integrations
  • ChangedImproved memory usage and performance for large datasets
  • FixedKucoin - Solved restrictions on fetching trades more than 9 months old


December 23rd 2022

No user facing changes


December 21st 2022

  • AddedUK/HMRC support for companies is now available
  • AddedCSV file name to transaction details
  • ChangedImproved settings page layout
  • FixedCoinbase - make fees optional for trades


December 16th 2022

  • FixedFixed desktop login issue
  • AddedNew assets


December 14th 2022

  • FixedFixed a bug where the activity screen would crash when scrolling transactions


December 13th 2022

  • AddedExport a CSV of your filtered transactions on the Activity screen
  • AddedNew button to reset all the filters on the Activity screen


December 7th 2022

No user facing changes


December 5th 2022

  • FixedEthereum - Some approval events were not being parsed correctly
  • FixedEthereum - Some log events that are informational are causing some errors


December 1st 2022

  • ChangedImproved reliability and performance of Ethereum transaction fetching
  • FixedAdditional items added for Failed to Value filter


November 28th 2022

  • FixedBitfinex - allow for processing of balance adjustments
  • FixedBinance - importing airdrop transactions with no description


November 23rd 2022

  • FixedBinance Futures - coin swap transactions no longer cause data import to stop


November 21st 2022

  • FixedCoinbase - fix issue importing Google Pay transactions


November 18th 2022

  • ChangedImproved startup performance, particularly for large accounts with more than 50k transactions
  • FixedBinance - use statement files to pick up missing convert trades


November 16th 2022

  • FixedEthereum - Liquidity pool increase asset amounts bug


November 15th 2022

  • AddedNew asset tooltips
  • ChangedImproved help tooltips
  • ChangedMade icons more consistent
  • FixedPrice tab shows pricing provider codes correctly
  • FixedCoinbase - Now handles Coinbase Prime transfers
  • FixedBinance - Write-off assets defined in Binance statement files


November 9th 2022

  • FixedBinance - Fixed mapping of ACA token
  • FixedPrice tab currency code not rendering correctly
  • FixedSARS related pricing


November 7th 2022

  • ChangedUpdated assets
  • FixedBinance - Fixed fiat balance errors from bank transfer crypto purchases
  • FixedBinance - Fixed statement file timezone issues


November 4th 2022

No user facing changes


November 3rd 2022

  • ChangedUpdated assets
  • ChangedAdded a banner when the Recap extension is required but not installed or disabled


October 27th 2022

  • FixedBinance - Fixed undocumented new date range limitation of BSwap API endpoint
  • FixedUphold - Remove failed transactions


October 26th 2022

No user facing changes


October 23rd 2022

  • ChangedUpdated assets
  • FixedFailed to value filter misbehaving with unidentified assets
  • FixedCoinbase - Advanced trade fees being treated incorrectly


October 21st 2022

  • FixedUnable to edit fees of certain transactions


October 14th 2022

  • FixedFixed acquisition cost issue with airdrops


October 13th 2022

  • ChangedAdded more assets


October 12th 2022

  • FixedFTX - Fixed withdrawal validation issue
  • FixedBinance - Fixed staking validation issue


October 10th 2022

  • ChangedAdded dozens of assets and exchange mappings
  • ChangedBinance - Add initial support for staking, saving and lending
  • FixedValr - Fixed sell fee calculations


October 3rd 2022

  • ChangedEnable Ethereum wallets without Recap extension
  • FixedFixed Turbotax CSV precision issue
  • FixedFixed mobile signup issues


September 23rd 2022

  • ChangedLuno - Add more assets
  • FixedBinance - Fixed occasional duplicate trades


September 20th 2022

  • ChangedCoinbase - Add more assets
  • ChangedKraken - Create airdrops from dividends
  • FixedLuno - Fixed issue with trades
  • FixedEthereum - Fixed issue with balances queries


September 16th 2022

  • FixedFixed issue with recovery phrase entry
  • FixedFixed issue with HOPR and CTX assets
  • FixedFixed rare issue with sharing


September 14th 2022

  • ChangedImproved CSV dialog


September 13th 2022

  • FixedFixed issue with CSV prices


September 12th 2022

  • AddedRecap CSV - Added the columns PriceAmount, PriceBaseCurrency and PriceQuoteCurrency to enable adding prices to the CSV.


September 7th 2022

  • FixedFixed a couple of minor issues


September 7th 2022

  • AddedEthereum wallets will now fetch ETH and ERC-20 token balances. This will help identify inflationary/rebase tokens and misbehaving contracts. Please feel free to report any such assets to our support team.
  • AddedAccountant/agent share expiries can now be extended by 3 months
  • ChangedUpdated some logos and icons
  • ChangedUpdated assets


August 24th 2022

  • FixedFixed an issue with Coinbase related income transactions
  • FixedFixed an issue with the FTX integration regarding partial short closes


August 23rd 2022

  • FixedFixed an issue with the Kucoin integration processing some transactions incorrectly


August 19th 2022

  • ChangedUpdate list of assets
  • ChangedImprove detection of Ethereum based mass airdrops of tokens
  • FixedFixed display issues with tokens and NFTs
  • FixedFixed Celsius balance issue
  • FixedFixed rendering issue in PDF reports


August 17th 2022

  • FixedFixed rare issue where some internal-only Ethereum transactions were missing
  • FixedFixed rare issue where LP transactions weren't being identified
  • FixedFixed issue where multi-asset swaps weren't properly distributing acquisition costs
  • FixedFixed display issues with tokens and NFTs


August 11th 2022

  • ChangedImproved Ethereum transaction loading performance
  • FixedFixed balance issues


August 10th 2022

  • FixedFixed legacy data crashes


August 9th 2022

  • FixedFixed startup errors and crashes


August 8th 2022

  • AddedYou can now add Ethereum addresses and Recap will track all your on-chain Ethereum activity. This still has a few rough edges so please report any issues you find.


August 6th 2022

  • FixedFixed issue with missing transactions
  • FixedKucoin - Fixed issues with BTT and BTTOLD


August 4th 2022

  • FixedFixed startup error


August 3rd 2022

  • AddedNew streamlined add account dialog
  • FixedBinance - Improved handling of Binance's extremely aggressive rate limits on certain endpoints
  • FixedFixed logout sometimes not actually logging out (doh!)


July 27th 2022

  • AddedWe have overhauled our pricing and improved the in-app experience when choosing a plan


July 27th 2022

  • ChangedAdded more tax year filters to activity date picker
  • ChangedAdded more SARS tax deadlines
  • FixedFixed issue causing startup errors
  • FixedFixes SARS tax year ordering bug
  • FixedFixed error with handling of some account names


July 18th 2022

  • AddedVALR - We've added an Exchange API integration for VALR exchange.


July 12th 2022

  • ChangedAccountant sharing improvements
  • FixedChanged incorrect classification of holding fee to generic fee
  • FixedFixed minor add transaction form bug


June 30th 2022

  • FixedFixed HMRC valuation method default


June 22nd 2022

  • FixedSwissborg - Support payouts
  • FixedKraken Futures - Improve futures trades consolidation


June 13th 2022

  • ChangedLuno - Added automatic mapping of LINK and UNI
  • FixedFixed extra scrollbar appearing when navigating between pages


June 10th 2022

  • AddedAdded fully end-to-end encrypted accountant sharing (currently invite-only for accountants, contact us!)
  • FixedCoinbase - Fixed handling of cancelled delayed transactions
  • FixedPoloniex - Fixed support for margin trades


June 9th 2022

  • FixedKraken Futures - Fixed data fetching timeout and error handling
  • FixedCelsius - Added support for load principal liquidation


May 26th 2022

  • FixedKraken - Added support for negative deposits
  • FixedCelsius - Added support for operation costs


April 25th 2022

  • FixedCoinbase Pro - Fixed error handling transfer fees
  • FixedFixed uneditable transaction comments


April 22nd 2022

  • FixedFTX - Fixed issue with 'USD Stablecoin' deposit and withdrawal fees


April 20th 2022

  • FixedBinance - Fixed issue with API errors
  • FixedFixed issue with changing the type of a withdrawal or deposit
  • FixedFixed issue with missing comments when editing a transaction


April 15th 2022

  • FixedCoinbase Pro - Fixed rare issue with transfer validation
  • FixedGemini - Fixed issue with card deposits


April 14th 2022

  • ChangedBinance US - Added Silvergate deposit and withdrawal handling
  • ChangedCoinbase - Added support for card spend transactions
  • ChangedNexo - Added support for Nexo's new CSV format
  • - Added support for mission rewards
  • ChangedKraken Futures - Added support for multi-collateral wallet
  • FixedCoinbase Pro - Fixed missing withdrawal fees
  • FixedBitfinex - Fixed deposit fee handling
  • FixedPoloniex - Fixed validation for settlement trades
  • FixedKucoin - Fixed validation for undocumented account types
  • FixedNexo - Ignore unsupported loan transactions
  • FixedFixed HMRC pricing method dropdown


April 1st 2022

  • AddedFTX US - We have added API support for FTX US!
  • AddedIRS Disposals Report - Added this new IRS report which shows each disposal/acquisition match including the disposal and acquisition dates, long/short term designation, proceeds, cost basis and gain/losses.
  • AddedUse Recap Balances - Some users preferred to see Recap's balances for portfolio purposes rather than the exchange balances because Recap's balances only include realised transactions. This can be useful as it allows users to see unrealised balances. This option can be toggled per account in the account settings.
  • FixedFixed issue with failing fiat valuations caused by future dated transactions
  • FixedFixed issue when connecting Gemini accounts
  • FixedFixed issue with cancelled subscriptions


March 21st 2022

No user facing changes


March 16th 2022

  • AddedExchange Balances - Added the ability to quickly and easily view and compare the balance of your exchange accounts against Recap's calculated balances
  • ChangedUpdated the Asset Identification table to make it easier to view and fix your unidentified/ambiguous assets


March 16th 2022

  • FixedFixed UI bug introduced by 2.1.22


March 15th 2022

  • ChangedAdded ability to filter activity for missing acquisitions, for HMRC and IRS data
  • ChangedAdded ability to reset prices for a single transaction on the prices tab, or for all prices in the 'Settings' screen.
  • FixedFTX - fix inabilities to sync with unexpected deposit data


March 2nd 2022

  • FixedCoinbase - added support for advanced trades
  • FixedFTX - fixed fee calculation for blockchain withdrawals
  • FixedFTX - fixed rare issue with PnL calculations accross subaccounts
  • FixedBinance - support new referral commission type
  • FixedGemini - speed up credential validation


February 25th 2022

  • ChangedImproved the performance of app startup and the tax pages, particularly for very large datasets (unlimited plans over 25k transactions)


February 22nd 2022

  • AddedFTX International - Added API support
  • ChangedBinance accounts now interrogate isolated and cross margin transfers to help with balance inaccuracies


February 11th 2022

  • ChangedSupport more Kucoin transaction types
  • FixedFixed inconsistent valuation of trade fees
  • FixedFixed historical prices for some assets
  • FixedFixed column width issues on PDF reports
  • FixedFixed TurboTax CSV asset codes


February 4th 2022

  • AddedGemini - Added API support
  • AddedCoinbase - Added CSV support (please note your balances will be incorrect because their files are missing data; we'll be addressing this in a future release)
  • ChangedAdded 2021 IRS tax forms
  • ChangedAdded support for Poloniex chainswaps
  • ChangedAllow adding CSV exchange accounts without the extension
  • FixedFixed numerous Binance issues
  • FixedFixed BlockFi CSV to support BlockFi Wallet
  • FixedFixed Nexo CSV to support cashback transations
  • FixedFixed UI bug when adding deposits


January 27th 2022

  • FixedImprove some performance issues with very large datasets (Unlimited plan)
  • FixedFix minor Binance issue


January 25th 2022

  • FixedFixed another issue with hard forks
  • FixedFixed incorrect update status in account cards


January 25th 2022

  • AddedNexo - Added CSV support
  • AddedExodus - Added CSV support
  • AddedCoinfloor - Added closedown CSV support (this can replace the legacy API account)
  • FixedFixed crash with circular hard forks


January 16th 2022

  • FixedFixed issue with cancelled Coinbase transactions


January 16th 2022

  • FixedFixed issue with cancelled Coinbase transactions


January 14th 2022

  • FixedFixed crash with invalid hard forks
  • FixedFixed Coinbase transaction identification
  • FixedFixed CSV 'lockup_unlock' transaction
  • FixedFixed Binance convert error
  • FixedFixed a number of Kucoin transaction errors


January 12th 2022

  • FixedFixed issue with unsettled or cancelled Coinbase transactions
  • FixedFixed BlockFi withdrawal fees being treated as a separate withdrawal


January 1st 2022

  • AddedBlockfi - You can now add your Blockfi account via CSV file
  • ChangedAdded support for Celsius swaps


December 24th 2021

  • - You can now add your Crypto & Fiat wallets via CSV files
  • Exchange - You can now add your Exchange Spot Trading account


December 21st 2021

  • FixedFixed unconfirmed celsius deposits


December 13th 2021

No user facing changes


December 7th 2021

  • ChangedAdded Stake, Unstake and Staking Reward transaction types. These are also available in the Recap CSV format as Stake, Unstake and StakingReward. Stake and Unstake are notional transfers and funds currently stay within the account.
  • ChangedAdded 'Change account name' to account settings. We got there in the end!
  • ChangedImproved data handling to help reduce errors with larger datasets
  • FixedFixed transaction issues caused by Kraken's forced automatic re-staking on the 26th November
  • FixedFixed issue with Coinbase transfers not specifying a recipient
  • FixedFixed Binance issue with fiat payments
  • FixedFixed missing scrollbars on small screens


November 16th 2021

  • ChangedKraken connected accounts have been optimised to load data via export files on initial load. If you receive an error with your account, please enable 'export data' permissions.
  • ChangedApple Silicon builds for the desktop app
  • FixedFixed missing Coinbase fees when making vault transfers
  • FixedFixed the updating of pending Coinbase transactions
  • FixedFixed Binance fiat currency deposit fees from being counted twice in the ledger


November 16th 2021

  • FixedFixed Binance universal transfers after being restricted to 6 months history and 7 day max range


November 8th 2021

  • FixedFixed Binance universal transfer endpoint from failing due to depreciated account codes


November 3rd 2021

  • FixedFixed missing Binance Futures transactions for some users. If you think this affects you please delete and recreate the account.
  • FixedFixed Bitfinex 'Invalid trade' error


October 20th 2021

  • AddedReclassification - you can now change the type of many transcations if they've been misclassified by Recap
  • AddedUser prices - you can now set your own asset prices per transaction, and view much more information about the prices that have been used for tax calculations
  • AddedTax details - You can now see a comprehensive breakdown of your taxable acquisitions and disposals per transaction
  • ChangedLuno connected accounts have been optimised for loading larger data sets
  • FixedUphold connection has been fixed (please click Reconnect if you are seeing a connection error)


October 9th 2021

  • FixedFixed Binance fiat sell transactions
  • FixedFixed Uphold connection issue


September 29th 2021

  • ChangedWhen choosing currencies you can now search by name as well as by code
  • FixedFixed errors with very large datasets
  • FixedFixed rate limit issues with Binance
  • FixedFixed issue for some languages when choosing a country in settings
  • FixedFixed issue with 'Spouse Gift (Receive)' transactions


September 24th 2021

  • AddedAdded BETA South African Revenue Service (SARS) tax support. Please note this is not complete, may be in inaccurate and is just a preview of future full SARS support.


September 22nd 2021

  • FixedFixed support for Bitstamp staking transactions
  • FixedFixed crypto addresses not displaying correctly


September 9th 2021

  • ChangedUpdated Coinbase Pro supported assets
  • ChangedNow using Nomics for live prices
  • ChangedFallback to using Nomics if there is no valuation available on CryptoCompare
  • FixedCelsius integration now supports transactions with 'processing' states


August 26th 2021

  • ChangedAdded automatic reporting of failed valuations/pricing
  • ChangedBitstamp integration now support ETH2R staking reward transcations
  • FixedFixed Kraken integration to allow for multi-entry deposits and withdrawals
  • FixedBinance integration now prevents duplicate savings transactions
  • FixedFix mining transaction support in the Binance integration
  • FixedFix paging in Celsius integration
  • FixedValuation/Pricing correctly applied given the the given tax authority
  • FixedFix desktop header blocking clicking of buttons in header/information bars


August 19th 2021

  • FixedBinance deposit amount are now inclusive of fees
  • FixedFixed KuCoin ledger issues that meant KuCoin data could be corrupted
  • FixedBinance transaction filtering fixed so that fiat transactions are now filtered correctly


August 17th 2021

  • ChangedBitstamp staking transactions are now supported
  • FixedFix Binance fiat orders with 'expired' status
  • FixedFix Binance staking transactions from being duplicated


August 17th 2021

  • ChangedBinance fiat currency transactions are now tracked and accounted for automatically - no more CSV uploads.
  • FixedIgnore Bitfinex ledger entries with only a transaction fee
  • FixedFix Celsius integration for users that have CEL inbound transfers
  • FixedIncrease the timeout for Kucoin to compensate for intermittent connections and latency
  • FixedFixed breaking Binance savings breaking change as a result of Binance implementing a max query range on seven days


August 7th 2021

  • FixedFix the Kucoin integration
  • FixedFix Celsius integration where users have amounts with exponents
  • FixedFix income report division by zero error
  • FixedShow income calculation on the free tier
  • FixedHandle Coinbase transactions with unknown recipient (potential chargebacks)


August 4th 2021

  • AddedAdd Uphold integration
  • AddedAdd Celsius integration
  • FixedReclassify AMP on Coinbase
  • FixedFix zero valuation errors for tax report
  • FixedFix fiat income not showing in the income report
  • FixedHandle Bitfinex trades which have no fees


July 30th 2021

  • FixedFixed manually added Trade errors for users who signed up recently prior to 2.0.0
  • FixedFixed Coinbase invalid trade error


July 28th 2021

  • AddedAdded Asset page to see the balances across all your accounts
  • FixedFixed Lost/Stolen transactions causing tax reporting errors
  • FixedFixed some valuation errors
  • FixedFixed Binance errors for dust exchanges
  • FixedFixed Desktop auto update problems (once upgraded)


July 26th 2021

  • AddedCurated asset reference data (2,500 currency codes across 14 exchanges)
  • AddedNew improved UI
  • AddedMore accurate asset valuations
  • AddedImproved tax report engine


June 15th 2021

  • FixedImprove reporting of balances from Binance


June 12th 2021

  • FixedFix issue with interest entries from Binance
  • FixedImprove handling of Kraken notional assets


June 11th 2021

  • FixedFix issues with balances
  • FixedSort out deposits and withdrawals from BinanceJE


June 10th 2021

  • ChangedAdd support for quarterly settlment transactions for Binance M-Coin Futures
  • FixedImprove visibility of zero cost transactions


June 1st 2021

  • FixedImprove Binance support


May 29th 2021

  • FixedImprove processing of KuCoin withdrawal transactions


May 14th 2021

  • FixedAllow for optional fees for Poloniex


May 5th 2021

  • FixedImprove handling of fees on Poloniex


April 30th 2021

  • ChangedAdd support for contest rewards on Binance Futures
  • FixedImprove performance of Binance integration


April 21st 2021

  • ChangedAdd support for commision rebates on Binance Futures
  • FixedFix Binance interest issue


April 20th 2021

  • ChangedAdd support for Binance Futures and Binance M-Coin Futures
  • ChangedAdd BitMEX support
  • FixedFix Luno transaction issue


April 14th 2021

  • ChangedAdd support for KuCoin fee refunds, KCS fees and sub-accounts
  • ChangedAdd support for asset dividends with Binance US
  • FixedImprove CoinbasePro transaction processing


April 9th 2021

  • FixedImprove Bittrex currency mapping


April 7th 2021

  • FixedFix Coinbase selling crypto to external counterparty
  • FixedFix handling of KuCoin withdrawal transactions


March 19th 2021

  • FixedImproved handling of Binance fiat currency trades
  • FixedFix handling of KuCoin trades and KCS conversion


March 12th 2021

  • ChangedImproved Coinbase error messages
  • FixedFixed some Poloniex USDT issues
  • FixedFixed email validation and mnemonic styling


February 26th 2021

  • FixedFixed rare exact match zero proceeds error for no gain/loss disposals
  • FixedFixed Kucoin failed transactions


February 23rd 2021

  • ChangedEnabled Kraken ledgers and trades CSV upload when adding new accounts
  • FixedFixed Coinfloor connected accounts after their V1 API was disabled


February 19th 2021

  • FixedFixed Kucoin withdrawal error
  • FixedImproved error handling


February 13th 2021

  • ChangedShow Kraken import progress
  • FixedFixed Kraken CSV import for new 'subtype' field
  • FixedFixed Kraken asset staking
  • FixedFixed blank screen in Safari (the app doesn't work yet, but it shows a warning)


February 7th 2021

  • ChangedRe-enabled 'sent/received in different currency' to support card purchases. Fiat currency conversions are still ignore for tax.
  • FixedFixed Luno trades handling to better account for deposit fees


February 4th 2021

  • ChangedAdded reporting of missing Coinbase permissions
  • ChangedAdded support for Kraken instant buys, sells and conversions
  • ChangedImproved error messages when fetching data fails
  • FixedFixed some local clock related errors when fetching data from exchanges


January 27th 2021

  • ChangedAdded 2020 IRS forms
  • ChangedAutomated Kraken Futures connection (it's no longer necessary to upload CSV files)


January 25th 2021

  • ChangedCoinbase Pro will now download trades from delisted pairs, such as ZEC and XRP. It will not download deposits and withdrawals for these currencies so if your balances are incorrect please review your deposits and withdrawals and add any missing transactions.


January 24th 2021

  • FixedFutures reporting fix.


January 22nd 2021

  • FixedFix fiat income missing from reports.


January 20th 2021

  • AddedAdded Kucoin integration. This is beta, so please report any transaction errors.
  • AddedAdded Kraken Futures integration. This is beta, so please report any transaction errors.
  • AddedAdded Futures reporting to the tax dashboard and downlodable report. Futures trading is calculated separately so can be applied either as capital gains or income depending on your situation and the recommendation of your accountant since the position from HMRC is not clear.
  • RemovedRemoved foreign currency support. Check your email for a communication about this if you're possibly affected.
  • FixedFixed Kraken 'invalid markup' errors.
  • FixedFixed Coinbase orders.
  • FixedDisabled Binance Jersery since this is no longer available. We'll be adding a mechanism to archive/export these accounts in the future.


December 24th 2020

  • AddedAdded Spouse Gifts - how seasonable! - Sending a spouse gift is a no gain/loss disposal. You can find the value of the gift so your spouse knows their acquisition cost in your downloadable Capital Gains Report. - Receiving a spouse gift requires entering a value for the gift. This should be the cost your spouse paid for the asset. If they use Recap, it's shown in their downloadable Capital Gains Report. - Spouse gifts can also be added via CSV with the new 'Spouse' transaction type. For sending a gift just fill out the OutOrSellAmount/OurOrSellCurrency. If you receive a gift, you'll need to fill our the InOrBuyAmount/InOrBuyCurrency _AND_ and new pair of columns ValueAmount/ValueCurrency to specify your spouse's acquisition cost of the gift.
  • ChangedMore transaction types can have fees, including when uploading a CSV
  • ChangedIt's now possible to delete an 'error' transaction if you added it manually
  • FixedSupport Coinbase 'inflation_reward' transactions


December 2nd 2020

  • AddedAdded UK Income Statement PDF
  • FixedFixed Kraken transfers to Kraken Futures
  • FixedFixed Luno sync issue


November 20th 2020

  • FixedFixed Coinbase bug
  • FixedFixed Kraken staking transfers


November 12th 2020

  • ChangedUpdated Bittrex historic CSV importer to support multiple file types


November 9th 2020

  • FixedFixed Luno connections for users who have named accounts


November 3rd 2020

  • FixedFixed Luno trade side error


November 2nd 2020

  • FixedFixed 'ExchangeAirdrop' transaction error
  • FixedFixed Bittrex account invalid error
  • FixedImproved startup error behaviour


October 17th 2020

  • FixedFixed Bittrex, Bitfinex and Luno api checks before adding accounts


October 16th 2020

  • AddedAdded Luno connected accounts


October 14th 2020

  • FixedFixed Bitfinex currency pair error


October 5th 2020

  • FixedFixed Bittrex dates for legacy deposits and withdrawals


October 1st 2020

  • FixedFixed issue with Binance trades having the same ids
  • FixedFixed issue with Coinbase accounts not being searched for transactions


September 3rd 2020

  • AddedAdded Bitpanda Pro connected accounts
  • AddedAdded Binance US connected accounts
  • AddedAdded the ability to add manual transactions to any account. This can be used to make adjustments to Connected Accounts where data isn't available via the exchange's API. These can be viewed by filtering in the activity page for 'Manually Entered'.
  • ChangedUpdated Bittrex historical CSV upload to match their latest version
  • FixedFixed issues with Bitfinex token distributions, airdrops, token redemptions and staking rewards
  • FixedFixed issue with Bitfinex trade fee currency codes


July 2nd 2020

  • FixedFix 'Coinbase invalid response' errors
  • FixedFix occassional 'invalid number' errors when editing transactions


June 12th 2020

  • FixedHandle Coinbase stablecoin interest transactions


June 10th 2020

  • FixedFix app startup error caused by valuation service


June 10th 2020

  • FixedFix app startup procedure


June 9th 2020

  • FixedFix IRS tax reports so they don't error on download


June 9th 2020

  • FixedFix dection of Coinbase card purchases
  • FixedFix display issues in the settings screen
  • FixedFix tooltip positioning on account value chart


June 2nd 2020

  • FixedAdd support for Coinbase staking rewards
  • FixedFix errors with long currency codes


May 22nd 2020

  • AddedEnabled US tax reporting. Recap now supports the US market with real-time capital gains tax calculations. Users can download prefilled Form 8949 and Form 1040 (Schedule D) or integrate with Turbotax.
  • AddedAdded IRS compliant fair market valuation methodology - Recap FMV. Starting with US customers, Recap now values assets at spot price inline with the latest IRS guidance.
  • ChangedYou can now upgrade from the tax pages
  • FixedPending Binance withdrawals now import without error
  • FixedFixed Bittrex errors due to fill/kill order types


May 16th 2020

  • FixedFixed graphQL resetStore error


May 15th 2020

  • FixedFixed upgrade call to actions in the tax pages
  • FixedFixed example tax report link in the tax pages


May 5th 2020

  • FixedFixed Coinbase balances not adding up due to bundle purchases


April 30th 2020

  • AddedAdded Poloniex connected accounts - no margin or lending support


April 22nd 2020

  • FixedFixed Kraken currency codes showing 'undefined' in delisted markets


April 18th 2020

  • FixedFixed Bittrex market not found error
  • FixedThe datapicker no longer causes errors when cleared
  • FixedFixed DataClone error when retrieving live rates


April 3rd 2020

  • FixedFixed an issue where Coinbase returns duplicate transactions
  • FixedFixed an issue where Coinbase fails to return legacy payment methods (mostly releates to expired credit/debit cards)
  • FixedFixed a loading issue relating to our payment services provider
  • FixedThe Binance integraton will now tell you to enable two factor authentication before allowing use of an API key.


March 17th 2020

  • FixedFixed tax page not being shown


March 16th 2020

  • AddedUsers in the US can now purchase subscriptions in US dollars.
  • ChangedUpgrades and subscriptions are now managed in the Recap app
  • FixedFixed an issue where some users have duplicate encryption key fingerprints


March 12th 2020

  • ChangedAll connected accounts now require the use of the Recap extension because we've been seeing issues connecting to Bitstamp and Coinbase
  • FixedBetter debug reporting for Binance errors
  • FixedCan now view help articles in-app
  • FixedFixed error when fork values were zero


March 3rd 2020

  • FixedFixed further Bittrex account validation errors


March 2nd 2020

  • FixedFixed Bittrex account validation error


February 28th 2020

  • AddedAdded Bittrex connected accounts
  • FixedFixed Kraken staking transaction error
  • FixedFees for deposits sent in different currency are now included in the acquisition if the fee is in the deposited currency. This fixes missing acquisition errors for these fees.
  • FixedFixed desktop upgrade issues for Windows users
  • FixedFixed recovery phrase entry error messages


January 31st 2020

  • ChangedAdded account details to settings
  • ChangedThe tax pages now specifies the plan required when subscribing or upgrading
  • FixedFixed Coinbase Pro portfolio transfers
  • FixedFixed Kraken staking rewards errors
  • FixedAdded Bitfinex guide link


January 29th 2020

  • FixedFixed a number of Bitfinex transaction errors


January 28th 2020

  • FixedFixed startup error


January 26th 2020

  • AddedEnabled foreign currency asset tracking. Recap now treats foreign currency as capital assets. You therefore need to add trades to and from foreign currency just like cryptoassets. We've added sent/received fields to deposits and withdrawals to allow the most common implicit conversions to be managed easily.
  • AddedAdded review system (currently only for foreign currency deposits and withdrawals)
  • AddedAdded filters for Excluded From Tax, Needs Review and Error statuses
  • AddedAdded ability to change the Tax Pricing Method. You can now choose Daily Open, High, Low, Close and Average prices.
  • AddedAdded Bitfinex integration. This is currently in beta so expect issues and errors. Please report any errors you see so we can improve the integration for everyone.
  • ChangedYou can now navigate to a tax year's transactions from the report page.
  • ChangedAdded warnings and transaction status counts to tax index page.
  • FixedFixed editing transactions not updating immediately
  • FixedFixed Coinbase order/merchant issue
  • FixedFixed Coinbase Pro fee rebate correction
  • FixedFixed mislabelled fields on add/edit trades


January 22nd 2020

  • ChangedReworked the CSV import facility
  • ChangedAdd Coinbase Pro private data reporting
  • ChangedAdd Coinbase Pro categorisation for forks
  • FixedFixed live rates being negative for unlisted currencies
  • FixedFixed Coinbase Pro erroring on clashes of trade ids
  • FixedFixed charts race condition
  • FixedFixed handling of fee rebates on Coinbase Pro
  • FixedIncreased timeouts for all providers


January 17th 2020

  • ChangedExchange rates have been reworked in preparation for pricing method changes. This fixes a large number of cases where rates were being set to zero.
  • FixedFixed a crash when running in Firefox
  • FixedFixed intermittent Account Dashboard crash
  • FixedIncreased timeouts for Coinbase, Coinbase Pro and Binance. This should reduce some of the 'Exchange get failed' errors many users are seeing.
  • FixedFixed Coinbase Pro rebates for some users


January 16th 2020

  • FixedFixed synchronisation for very large data sets
  • FixedFixed Coinbase error where fees are missing
  • FixedFixed tax pages when there are transaction dates out of range
  • FixedFixed Binance clock drift errors
  • FixedFixed error when backing up a recovery phrase on a second device


January 10th 2020

  • AddedAdded error transaction error reporting
  • FixedFixed Binance asset dividends (mainly airdrops) for users with more than 500 records


January 8th 2020

  • AddedAdded version and release note link to sidebar
  • AddedAdded the ability to reset your account data if you've lost your recovery phrase (you'll lose all your data, so back it up!)
  • FixedFixed editing withdrawals and trades
  • FixedImproved server performance
  • FixedForce login when the user's session times out (fixes the 'Request failed with status code 401' errors some people were seeing)


January 7th 2020

  • FixedFixed Binance deposit and withdrawal fetching which was limited to 90 days
  • FixedAdded error reporting for connectivity issues


January 6th 2020

  • ChangedAdded preliminary Firefox support (the Recap extension is not yet available)
  • FixedFixed some Coinbase Pro rebate errors
  • FixedFixed error after editing a transaction
  • FixedFixed incorrect dates displaying for tax reports (this was just a display error, the tax calculations were unaffected)
  • FixedFixed adding manual Purchase transaction


January 4th 2020

  • AddedAdded the ability to edit manual transactions
  • ChangedThe tax dashboard page has been reworked. You see the net gain / loss across tax years in one view.
  • FixedFixed 'Report Error' modal. We can now receive your errors and make improvements to our service.


December 10th 2019

  • AddedRecap web app launches. You can keep using the desktop app, use the web app or both.
  • AddedAdded internationalisation. You can now choose your home country which will set your date and currency formatting. You can also set your valuation currency.
  • AddedNew tax page added. Check our your net gain/loss before your subscribe. See a detailed breakdown of your activity.
  • FixedFixed invalid number errors in CSV imports.


November 28th 2019

  • AddedAdded changed balances on activity details. This will show the account balances of affected currencies after the transaction.
  • FixedFixed 'Binance get failed' for some users.


November 18th 2019

  • FixedThe Windows app is signed with a new authenticode certificate.
  • FixedFixed date range inclusion in activity page.


November 18th 2019

  • ChangedCSV importer now supports margin positions.


November 11th 2019

  • FixedBCC symbol on Binance is now correctly mapped to BCH rather than BCCOIN.
  • FixedFixed "Cannot read property 'amount' of undefined" error some Coinbase users were experiencing.
  • FixedFixed tax report generation errors on negative numbers. The CSV import will no longer allow negative values.


November 7th 2019

  • AddedAdded the Account Dashboard. Click on any account card to navigate to this page to see your account value over time, current balances, asset value split and recent transactions.
  • ChangedYou can now add airdrops to a CSV import.
  • ChangedManual import transaction names have been simplified.
  • ChangedWe now capture more error information from Coinbase and Coinbase Pro when things go wrong.
  • FixedAirdrops were being incorrectly valued for tax purposes. They were being valued at zero cost and should have been valued at market value.
  • FixedFixed Binance currency mappings - there are a few currencies on Binance that were incorrectly identified because of the lack of symbol standardisation - e.g. HOT was being incorrectly identified as Hydro Protocol instead of Holochain because they both have claimed the HOT symbol.
  • FixedFixed Binance rate limiting
  • FixedFixed the removal of the wrong transactions when deleting Binance referral files


October 29th 2019

  • FixedFixed Coinbase connected accounts where accounts no longer exist


October 28th 2019

  • FixedFixed Coinbase legacy account support


October 26th 2019

  • FixedFixed Binance clock drift, resulting in 'Binance get failed'. Seems to be mostly Windows related.


October 24th 2019

  • FixedFixed Coinbase Pro integration where coinbase have changed the format of their ledger records.


October 22nd 2019

  • ChangedRemove onboarding pain by removing the need to immediately record your encryption key and verify your email.


October 19th 2019

  • FixedAllow withdrawals from Binance with no `transactionFee`.


October 18th 2019

  • FixedDoh, cancelled withdrawals from Binance broke our integration. Now fixed.


October 10th 2019

  • FixedFixed rare issue with unlisted coins where exchange rates would be treated as negative.


October 17th 2019

  • AddedAdded Binance connected accounts
  • AddedAdded Binance Jersey connected accounts
  • FixedWe'll now let you logout from the settings page


October 8th 2019

  • FixedOops, we didn't actually enable refer a friend. It's definitely enabled now!


October 8th 2019

  • AddedAdded refer a friend system. Earn 20% commission and give a 20% discount to friends. Learn more [here](/blog/2019-10-08-refer-a-friend/).
  • ChangedRemoved beta disclaimer from PDF tax report
  • FixedAllow fees for Purchase transaction type in CSV import
  • FixedRemove orphaned transactions (previously it was possible to import transactions into a deleted account)


September 14th 2019

  • FixedFixed the encryption key recovery page.


September 4th 2019

  • ChangedImproved the auto update UI by showing download progress


August 30th 2019

  • ChangedImproved the robustness of the CSV import feature
  • ChangedImproved our exchange rate server lookups 10x
  • ChangedImproved the robustness of Coinbase Pro integration when their API returns 'rebate' transaction types
  • ChangedFaster start up of the app without waiting for analytics
  • FixedFixed Coinbase error 'TypeError: Cannot read property 'amount' of undefined', if you are getting this delete your account and re-add it


August 23rd 2019

  • ChangedImproved the robustness of Coinbase integration when their API returns 'delayed_cancelled' transaction types
  • FixedFixed login issue for Linux users


August 22nd 2019

  • AddedAdded consent based error reporting. Whilst all your data is protected by end-to-end encryption, you can now optionally send us data that Recap doesn't understand. You can edit this data before sending it to us to protect your financial privacy.


August 22nd 2019

  • AddedAdded Coinbase Pro connected accounts
  • AddedAdded the ability to reset exchange rates. This will cause the app to download all the necessary rates again and can be useful if you're having problems.
  • ChangedYou can now see our lovely faces when chatting to us in app!
  • ChangedMoved the amounts in the activity list into a single column
  • ChangedStartup is now a little faster
  • FixedFixed missing amounts for some deposits and withdrawals on the activity list
  • FixedMade exchange rate lookups slightly more robust (we know they're still not perfect and are working on a long term solution)


August 12th 2019

  • AddedAdded support for Bitstamp Sub Accounts
  • ChangedImproved the robustness of Coinbase integration when their API returns invalid accounts
  • ChangedImproved Kraken handling of adjustment transactions
  • ChangedImproved activity item styling
  • ChangedImproved error reporting so we can assist with your problems. Don't worry, we will never include any private data in our error reporting


August 9th 2019

  • AddedAdded user accounts and end-to-end encryption. Your data is now encrypted with your secret key and safely stored on our servers
  • AddedAdded encryption key setup and recovery (your keys, your data)
  • AddedAdded subscription plans and payments
  • AddedAdded disposals on cryptocurrency fees for deposits and withdrawals
  • AddedAdded ability to start upon login (for when you just can't wait to get onto Recap)
  • AddedAdded OS notifications for updates
  • AddedIntercom messenger changes and user integration
  • AddedView recovery phrase function
  • AddedAdded status icon
  • AddedAdded a loading screen (hopefully you won't have to look at it for long!)
  • ChangedRedsigned user interface
  • ChangedImproved Coinbase data validation
  • ChangedRemoved "My" from default account titles (who else is going to be using your Recap account, right?) and standardised capitalisation within settings
  • ChangedImport backup changes and general improvements
  • ChangedIntercom help pages restructured
  • ChangedUpdated website
  • ChangedUpdated dock icon and corrected tray icon
  • FixedUpdated delete all data feature (no data was harmed in the building of this feature)
  • FixedFixed the Windows custom URI handling
  • FixedFixed fork validation
  • FixedHandling Coinfloor error responses


December 23rd 2018

  • AddedAdded currency path strategy for daily price rates
  • AddedChanged to USD as the base of all fiat/crypto rate queries
  • AddedAdded transfer fees to report
  • AddedEnabled Lost and Stolen on import feature
  • AddedAdded disposals report download
  • AddedAdded margin help text, added terms and conditions, reduced font sizes
  • AddedAdded Initial margin calculations
  • AddedAdded alternative exchange rates for fee disposals
  • AddedAdded network fork capabilities for CSV inputs
  • AddedAdded crypto fees as disposals and refactored events and valuation
  • AddedAdded support for new transaction types
  • AddedAdded CSV importer
  • AddedAdded error transaction type
  • AddedUpdate all connected account wizards
  • AddedAdded delete connected accounts feature
  • AddedAcquisitions report added
  • AddedRefuels and enhancements
  • AddedRenamed CSV importer fields and tightened error handling
  • AddedImproved pair and market support for kraken
  • AddedPrevented negative number inputs
  • Addedrefactored autoupdate to simplify to electronbuilder defaults
  • AddedImproved forms and connected account info
  • AddedRemoved redundant route title and reorganised tax pages
  • AddedImproved autoupdate feature
  • FixedFixed to make trade fee valuations consistent including counter currency
  • FixedFixed headers in the asset summary
  • FixedSupported adjustment pairs as a trade for Kraken
  • FixedFixed -1 on errors to treat as 0
  • FixedRemoved duplicate changelog entry
  • FixedFixed details popup and redundant scrollbars