Manage your NFTs and taxes with Recap’s NFT gallery

Whether you’re an NFT creator or investor, view your entire NFT collection in one place and understand their true value and tax impact. Simply type in your wallet address to start tracking.

  • AI powered appraisals in near real-time

  • Switch between native (ETH) and fiat gains

  • Automatically generate your capital gains and income tax report

View your entire NFT collection in your own gallery

Simply enter your wallet addresses to import all of your NFT transactions and view your collection in one place.

  • View static and video NFTs

  • Infinite scroll for quick, easy navigation

  • Filter by value, highest/ lowest gain, account and collection

  • Near-real time sync updated every 30 seconds

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Understand the true value of your NFTs with AI-powered appraisals

Non-fungible tokens are unique so instead of relying on floor price or collection level valuations we use Upshot to provide accurate, near-real time appraisals for your assets.

  • Appraisals calculated with ML, considering NFT traits, rarity, previous sales for similar assets and current value

  • Support for over 74 million NFTs

  • Deeper insight into the true value of your NFTs that can be used to optimise your taxes

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Switch between native profit & loss and taxable gain

See how much your NFTs are worth and how they perform over time with native and fiat valuations.

  • Simply click to switch between native (e.g. ETH) and taxable gains and losses

  • Understand your tax position more clearly

  • Reduce your tax burden by using insights to sell strategically

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Accurate valuations and tax calculations for NFT creators, collectors and gamers

Track your activity and understand the true value of your non-fungible tokens to calculate your taxes due.

  • Accurate valuations of all your NFT assets

  • Support for minting, trades and selling

  • Automatically calculate your capital gains and income

  • Understand your tax liability in real time so you can plan ahead for a tax season without surprises

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What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets representing ownership of specific items, art or content on a blockchain.

How does the Recap NFT gallery work?

Recap's NFT Gallery seamlessly integrates with your wallets, automatically tracking your NFTs, monitoring their value, and incorporating any taxable transactions into your tax calculations.

Are NTFs taxed in the UK?

Yes, in the UK, NFTs are subject to capital gains and income tax depending on the activity and individuals may need to report and pay taxes on any gains or income from buying, selling, or trading these digital assets.

What are Ai appraisals?

AI pricing appraisals utilise artificial intelligence algorithms to assess and determine the value of assets, providing automated and data-driven pricing insights. To ensure valuations are realistic, rather than relying on floor price, Recap uses AI appraisals to value NFTs.

Do I pay tax on NFTs I earned playing games in the UK?

In the UK, taxes may apply to NFTs earned through gaming, it's crucial for individuals to adhere to tax laws on any income generated from such virtual transactions.

How can I keep track of my NFTs?

To keep track of your NFTs, consider using Recap, a crypto tool that allows users to easily track and monitor their digital assets and understand their tax liability.

Calculate taxes across your whole crypto portfolio with Recap