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Tom Wardle

DeFi Accounting Specialist, Harris & Trotter LLP

Tom is a DeFi Accounting Specialist, a qualified accountant with ACCA and AAT credentials. He is a dedicated crypto enthusiast making him a go-to expert for crypto projects seeking accounting guidance in the ever-evolving digital finance landscape. Tom's deep understanding of both traditional and crypto accounting, combined with his passion for the industry, means that he offers unique insights into the world of decentralised finance and cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto Tax Sucks: E02 Decrypting DeFi Taxes

Crypto Tax Sucks: E02 Decrypting DeFi Taxes

In this second episode of "Crypto Tax Sucks" I'm joined by Joe David of MYNA and Tom Wardle of Swapsicle to talk about DeFi taxes.

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