Jamie Nuttall, Head of Crypto Tax, Myna Accountants

Jamie Nuttall

Head of Crypto Tax, Myna Accountants

Jamie has been working within the personal tax industry for nearly a decade specialising in capital gains tax, OMB's, and Crypto Tax. Since 2018, he's been he's been navigating the crypto tax realm, guiding clients through not just compliance but also future tax planning by unravelling the mysteries of both the crypto world and UK taxation.

An ACCA fellow, Jamie isn't your typical tax guru – he's the rockstar of crypto accounting. You might have caught him dropping wisdom in blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, or stealing the show at conferences, breaking down the nitty-gritty of taxing crypto assets like NFTs, nodes, and liquidity pools.

Jamie is the Head of Crypto Tax at Myna, a specialist crypto accountancy firm who live and breathe crypto! They are equipped to help everyone from individual investors to crypto native projects and exchanges.

When he's not decoding tax jargon, Jamie's banging the drums for various bands, making plays in American Football, and even dabbling in a bit of amateur dramatics. Because who said tax experts can't have a bit of flair?

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