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Ben Lee

Web 3 Tax Expert, Andersen

Ben Lee is a highly-regarded UK-based crypto accountant and tax adviser, known for his expertise in the cryptocurrency space. As a Partner at Andersen LLP, he specialises in Crypto & Digital Assets, Tax, and Accounting. Ben's achievements are recognised by his inclusion in the Spears 500 Top Recommended Crypto Advisor list for 2022.

With a background in Chemistry and qualifications in Chartered Accountancy and Chartered Tax, Ben's journey led him to embrace his inner tech geek. His love for Excel became a "transferrable skill," and his expertise expanded to the cloud, eventually culminating in a deep passion for blockchain and DeFi.

In his current role as a Partner at Andersen UK, Ben leverages his extensive knowledge to provide strategic and tax-efficient advice to individuals and businesses at all stages of their life cycle. His diverse client portfolio, ranging from sole traders to listed companies across various industries, reflects his commitment to helping clients achieve their ambitions. Ben is excited about the future, as government digitalisation of tax and the rapid growth of blockchain and smart contracts create new opportunities for his expertise to shine.

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