From tracking your portfolio to calculating your capital gains,we’ve got you.

Recap is a privacy-focused crypto tax calculator that makes crypto tax simple

Quickly add crypto data from multiplesources

  • Sync to your exchanges in real-time via API

  • Connect your Ethereum wallets by entering your public address

  • Import data by CSV for extinct exchanges or accounts and wallets without API support

Support for DeFiandNFTTaxes

  • DeFi transactions automatically categorised

  • Tax and tracking support for Ethereum based DEXs like Uniswap and Pancake Swap

  • Aligned with the latest complex rules concerning loans, staking and liquidity pools so you don’t need to worry about what’s taxable and what’s not

Easily fix any errors for a superaccuraterepresentation of your crypto portfolio

  • Alerts for issues that need your attention so you can easily find and fill-in missing transactions

  • Data duplications are detected and handled automatically

  • Classify transaction types to make sure all activity is correctly defined

  • Valuations from the best industry providers as well as the option to manually price your own assets

Reliable crypto tax reports with everythingneeded to file your tax return

  • Automatically calculated capital gains and income from crypto in accordance with HMRC guidelines

  • Understand tax calculations with a full tax breakdown for every transaction

  • Preview your capital gains for free and subscribe to generate reports for all tax years

  • Downloadable PDF crypto tax reports containing all details required by HMRC

Encryption that leaves you in completeownership of your financial data

  • Your data is encrypted with your private keys so only you have access to your transaction data

  • Full anonymity - sign up with just an email address, no KYC required

  • No user tracking either in our app or on any of our marketing channels - we truly respect your privacy

Securelyshare your data with your accountant

  • Invite your accountant to securely view your transactions and access your tax report

  • Get an expert opinion on your data before you file your return

  • Share your data without sending CSVs back and forth

  • Fully end-to-end encrypted so only you and your account can see your transaction history