Introducing the Recap Accounting Portal

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Accounting Portal which makes it easy for Accountants, Tax Advisors and Wealth Managers to manage their cryptocurrency clients.

Samantha Adams

Samantha Adams

Mon Jun 13 2022

Record Keeping for Crypto is a Nightmare!

Typically a crypto investor trades across multiple exchanges and wallets keeping limited or no record of their activity. As the industry currently lacks standardisation, pretty much anything goes when it comes to data downloads - varied formats, too much information, too little information, restricted sizes, inaccessible historical data. You’ll probably find yourself rummaging through multiple spreadsheets and screenshots in order to piece together the puzzle; a waste of your time and billed hours that your client could do without.

Crypto Tax Software

Recap-Activity Crypto software like Recap solves this problem. Your client simply connects their accounts or imports csv data to reconcile all of their transactions. The software calculates the capital gain/loss and any income on their activity automatically based on HMRC (or local tax jurisdiction) guidelines.

ACCOUNTANTS-PORTAL– ACCOUNTANT-VIEW Our new Agent Portal brings a whole new level of efficiency to this process! Your clients can invite you to their Recap account to share their data with you directly.

Even better, you can manage all of your crypto clients within the same app, just use the dropdown to switch account.

Benefits to your Practice

Gathering together a clients crypto data can be time consuming and a huge drain on your resources. Consolidating the data is a very mundane task and to be blunt, under your pay grade! Recap automates record keeping meaning you no longer waste time trying to make sense of your clients crypto data manually. We save you hours with automated valutions, clasification of assets and matching rules and pooling applied automatically.

Crypto continues to grow at a rapid pace, many investors are finding themselves with tax obligations and are in need of professional accounting advice. Now is the time to add value to your firm by embracing a new generation of investors that not all practices are able to serve.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to get started then you can sign up here. This article will guide you through the process of enabling our portal feature and inviting your first client. Alternatively you can book a discovery call to find out more.