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The Thursday Recap #2

Refer a friend nears launch, our progress on Binance integration and the first mention of the upcoming account dashboard

David Bryden

David Bryden

Thu Oct 03 2019

Hello! Welcome to our second Thursday Recap, which is our new weekly blog series to keep you informed with the latest happenings are Recap HQ. If you missed the previous exciting instalment of the Thursday Recap, it can be found here.

Refer a friend

Last week, we mentioned that we are preparing the launch of refer a friend system. In case you missed it, this means that if you’re on a paid plan you’ll be able to earn 20% commission on any payments your friend makes to us (plan purchase, upgrade and renewal) and your friend gets a 20% discount.

You can use your commission to pay towards an upgrade or renewal of a Recap subscription, or you’ll be able to payout in Bitcoin (coming soon). We are currently putting the finishing touches on this feature and you’ll be hearing more about it in the coming days!

Binance and Binance Jersery integration

We’re making steady progress on the Binance integration. The Binance APIs only report trades, so we think it’ll still be necessary to download and import spreadsheet data or add manual transactions from Binance to account for all activity and to make your balances correct. Unfortunate but we are limited by Binance’s API. We’ll make this process as simple as we can and provide all the necessary guidance to get your data imported.

Account dashboard

A much requested feature for Recap is an account dashboard which will be able to show you things like:

  • A chart showing the value of you various currencies over time
  • The asset split of your holdings
  • Current and historical balances
  • Recent transactions
  • Account statistics

We're currently making this dashboard a reality, but there is a lot of work to do as we really want to make this dashboard as informative and useful as possible. We'll be sharing sneak peeks of this in upcoming posts.

HMRC Self Assessment registration deadline

Don’t forget to register for Self Assessment as the deadline is this Saturday (5th October). If you register after this date, you may suffer a penalty. If you are unsure or require a bit of guidance as to whether you need to register or not please consult our tax guide and the HMRC website.

Keep updated

Keep your eyes on our social media don’t forget to join our Telegram group or leave a message via chat on the website or in app.